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Prefab Modular Office Buildings

Modular office buildings are prefabricated structures built to meet applicable federal and state commercial building codes. Ranging in size from 200 to 30,000 square feet, modular office buildings are constructed off-site in sections before being delivered to your site for installation.

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Giving Students More Space to Learn

Portable classrooms and modular buildings are cost-effective building solutions to accommodate long-term and temporary classroom overcrowding problems. Expansion of conventional school buildings can be costly and time-consuming. Temporary portable classrooms can be installed on-site in just a few weeks, and permanent modular classroom buildings can be installed on-site up to 50% quicker than conventionally built classrooms.

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Specialty Buildings for Purchase or Lease

Many industries need specialty modular buildings for a variety of uses, some of which include:

  • Labs
  • Cafeterias
  • Restrooms
  • Dormitories
  • Scale House
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Modular Bank and Financial Buildings

MPA sells and leases high-security modular buildings, ready for immediate delivery or design-built to meet your project needs. As a trusted partner for more than 50 years, we deliver disaster recovery solutions throughout the United States. Our temporary or permanent buildings are fully relocatable, secure, and affordable.

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Prefab modular buildings get your new space up and running fast! Building fabrication and site preparation take place at the same time. Combining these two project pieces may help shorten your schedule by 30-50 per cent.
In addition, much of the modular-building construction is completed inside a factory, which mitigates the risk of weather delays in your project. Saving time also saves you money.

Modular buildings are built to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as site-built structures. The same architect-specified materials (wood, concrete and steel) used in conventionally constructed buildings are also used in modular construction projects. 

Did you know that nearly 40 percent of the nation’s landfill waste comes from construction materials? That means approximately 88 million tons of construction and demolition waste are added each year.  

Modular building construction continues to be a front-runner in the field of green building practices and sustainability through off-site operations that result in efficient and responsible inventory control, material reuse, and automation of tasks. 

Flexible – Modular buildings systems offer flexible temporary and permanent buildings solutions that can be configured to suit specific needs. This makes modular buildings suitable for diverse applications including portable offices, classrooms, specialty uses and more. 
Fast – In an emergency, such as in a major natural disaster, or when your project needs to get up and running fast, prefab buildings provide the quickest space solution. 
Relocatable – BOXX Modular buildings are also portable buildings, meaning when you need to move on, your building can move with you. 


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