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15 Ways to Use Modular Buildings for Expansion

Feb 28, 2018

Modular office buildings continue to help small, medium, and large businesses transform their operations. Customize your office floor plan to meet the unique requirements of your business, including individual offices or open floor plans, conference rooms, reception areas, training rooms, break rooms, and storage.

Temporary modular offices are a great space option from which general contractors, foremen, or architects can manage large construction projects and they can be quickly installed on a project site. Additionally, as a construction company, you can utilize modular office buildings to relocate your clients’ employees while work takes place in their building. A modular swing space keeps employees seamlessly productive in a comfortable and modern workspace.

Manufacturing, shipping, and processing facilities across the nation need areas isolated for training, supervisory staff, or control rooms but these buildings cannot be separate from the main warehouse or plant facility. A modular in-plant office or classroom can be swiftly installed within your warehouse to meet the exact requirements of your facility, without shutting down or limiting warehouse operations.

Temporary modular offices are the perfect solution for sales or real estate centers. Warm wood floors, bright lighting, and a welcoming receptionist area will deliver a glowing first impression and attention to detail that your prospective buyer will definitely notice. Custom modular offices can also be relocated from one location to another as your sales area expands.

Modular construction makes franchise expansion easy! Offsite assembly and building material inventory control allow builders to efficiently reproduce retail, restaurant, or professional service storefronts and create a consistent customer experience.

As school districts expand or consolidate, overcrowded classrooms can be a real challenge for district budgets, taxpayers, and school administration officials. Modular classrooms are an excellent way for schools to save significant time and money while fighting overcrowding. Modular buildings are fantastic for temporary swing space or full-scale, turn-key permanent construction.

With modular construction, your students can move into their brand new dorms up to 30% faster than if the dormitories were site built. Modular dorm buildings are crafted using cutting-edge technologies and processes to directly reduce environmental impacts while offering seemingly limitless options to ensure your students are studying hard in a comfortable living environment.

Libraries play an extremely critical role in your educational community, with regard to pleasure and learning. Unfortunately, library funding does not always match its level of importance. Nevertheless, a library constructed with modular construction can far exceed the expectations of the community and provide savings of both time and money.

Science is an exponentially growing field and expanding school programs often need access to additional temporary or permanent lab space. This helps accommodate the overcrowding and demand for space and equipment. Modular lab buildings can be specifically crafted to your exact specifications, resulting in the perfect design, layout, and technology required to accelerate learning.

Obtaining funding for government construction projects continues to be an uphill battle for all government branches, so innovative and cost-effective construction methods are needed now more than ever. Temporary modular barracks are a perfect investment for use at any government site. Because of their flexibility to be relocated and repurposed on other government facilities, they help achieve your mission of avoiding major additional capital expenses while promoting environmentally conscious thinking.

Natural disasters can spiral a community into terrible circumstances that have to be addressed fast! Modular emergency response offices are the quickest way to set up a command center and see that the affected community has its needs met without delay. During a time of crisis, response teams need to be focused on the victims and temporary modular offices give them the space they need, when it is needed.

Local budgets are stretched to the maximum but the necessity for functional administrative offices remains. Municipalities around the country are turning to modular buildings and discovering how simple and cost-effective building a temporary or permanent building can be. Local government officials are also finding that modular constructed offices can be as attractive as they are functional.

Advanced technology is critical in providing high-quality medical care and it is also absolutely necessary for the construction of the buildings where medical care is given. Medical facilities strive to provide patients a clean and comfortable environment and modular buildings are perfect for the construction of your new facility. Health networks can use modular construction to quickly and efficiently expand their coverage area.

Mental health services are one of the fastest-growing components in the healthcare industry. Serving mental health patients calls for an environment where individuals feel at-ease and are more willing to open up. Modular mental health facilities can be custom designed to incorporate security, single-patient and group rooms, pleasing colors, natural light, and noise reduction – creating a warm and inviting space.

The wave of medical care has been rapidly moving toward regional diversified health networks and local urgent care centers. Accessibility and convenience are extremely important to patients and urgent care facilities are swiftly satisfying the hunger for easy and quick access to medical care. Permanent modular urgent care buildings are a sure way to get your medical facility up and running faster so that you can move forward with caring for the community.

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