2 Stalls 4 Showers Locker Room

MODEL# LV1260 F02S04
NEW 12' x 60' Toilet Trailer
  • 720 square feet
  • Restroom with 2 stalls
  • Shower room with 4 showers
  • Spacious locker room
  • Single entrance with vestibule
  • Programmable climate control
  • High-quality exterior and interior finishes
  • For lease and sale!
Stock availability may be limited and require to-be-built new construction. As-built design may vary in appearance and layout.

Restroom(s): 1

Handicap Accessible

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Square Feet 720
Size 12' x 60'
Interior Wall Finish VCG
Flooring Material VCT
HVAC Quantity 1
Restrooms 1

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