There is one major difference when comparing traditional vs modular construction. With modular construction, the majority of work occurs off-site inside a manufacturing facility.

Alternatively, traditional construction projects require that all work be completed on-site from the ground up.

Because modular construction takes place simultaneously in a factory and on-site, it can be completed in half the time of traditional construction.

Just like any building, the life expectancy of a modular building depends on whether it receives regular maintenance. Permanent modular buildings don’t have a limited lifespan and can last as long as traditional construction. Temporary modular buildings typically have a useful life of 20-25 years, but this can be extended if they are well-maintained and periodically renovated. All modular buildings — temporary or permanent — can be expanded, remodeled, and updated whenever necessary.

In most cases, you can completely customize the layout and floor plan of your modular building. Here are just a few of your options for customizing the appearance and operations of your modular building.

Businesses and organizations choose modular construction for their projects in a variety of industries including:
Disaster Relief
Commercial & Industrial
Shipping Ports

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